The Side Man of Philadephia

The side man held legendary status in the world of Jazz. He is adaptable, capable of fading into the background and providing a beautiful addition to a big band tune, or if necessary he will step into the spotlight, become the star and play the solo. The sweet melodies of his instrument of choice would waft through anything ranging from concert halls to run down clubs.

In Philadelphia, side men are a dying breed, but people still talk about their jazz heroes, stepping in from the pouring rain in summer, steam rising off the streets, finding shelter and sanctuary in a nightclub and rendering their services to the crowd. They were adaptable, and that’s what made them legendary. The great saxophone player John Coltrane himself started as a side man, blending in with the legendary Miles Davis to transform the world of music. The streets of Philadelphia remember the music.

A Street Performers Journey

Being an electric violinist street performer can be a real challenge if you have to take the bus. With the traditional violin the only equipment needed is your violin and your bow carried in a convenient case. The electronic variety on the other hand, requires amplification if you want the best possible sound to entertain those on the street.

You want to get to your favorite corner early in the morning. You race for the bus as fast as you can with your equipment slowing every step. You make it with minutes to spare. With the sweat rolling down your face you clumsily reach for the bus fare, search for a seat for yourself and equipment, which is challenging during rush-hour.

When you finally reach your destination you search for an electric outlet. As you play you pray you will make enough money to put toward your emergency car fund.

Senior Portraits

Graduating high school is an important rite of passage. Most people will throw parties, purchase lavish gifts, and have professional portraits completed to celebrate the occasion. Senior portraits are a common thing in this day and age. However, many senior girls are very intimidated by having these professional photos taken. Fortunately, hiring a makeup artist Manchester offers numerous benefits to these seniors.

A professional makeup stylist can bring out the absolute best in a teenage girl. Many young women have self esteem and confidence issues. Although they may be truly beautiful inside and out, a professional can help apply makeup in a way that will capture the true essence of the senior girl.

The senior portraits are a large investment that should not be taken lightly. Most girls will place a large emphasis on choosing an outfit, hairstyle, and overall look. Fortunately, the end result will be cherished for many years to come due to the importance of this rite of passage.

Music Lessons

Three months until the wedding, I was exhausted with decisions. What color should the ribbons be on the bridesmaid dresses? Would lemon pepper chicken satisfy my mother’s critical tongue? It was no wonder then when my future husband looked at me over his bagel and asked, “What music are we playing?” that I heard something crack inside me.

He set a buttery hand on my shoulder, allowing me to weep.

Music? Impossible. Car rides fizzled into radio battles, fighting for dial control. When my weeping disintegrated, my fiancee spoke again.

“Good, I asked my cousin. He’s a wedding violinist.”

I cried again. I had forgotten that the whole point of this ceremony was that I wouldn’t shoulder anything alone again.

Halfway through the reception, our violinist was forced to play with Coca-Cola on his shirt (freak children’s incident). It didn’t matter. My husband stepped up without me needing to ask.

When the world calls

Getting old is hard. Your joints hurt, your vision suffers, your hearing starts to go. I remember being a young man. I had the hearing of a German Shepard. And now, I sit here…can barely here a thing. My TV is up so loud that the rest of the family complains. I constantly have to ask people to repeat themselves, especially on the phone. I sometimes laugh and smile when people talk to me, and the reality is that I have no idea what they just said. A few friends have suggested I look into something to help me, a “device” they say. I don’t want to do that; admitting that is admitting that age has finally taken its toll on me. Then one day, I saw a young man with his in. I asked him “do you feel self conscious about wearing those?” He responded in the most brilliant of ways: “No, I can hear and they make it so I can enjoy the beauty that the world offers.”

When the world calls, I no longer hear enough to answer. It is time I face the reality: I need to look at hearing aids Stockport. I need to enjoy that beauty that the young man reminded me about.

Duplicate Order

Day in and day out Bev worked at her little florist Harrogate shop, The Undercover Lily. She regularly took wedding, birthday, and get well orders. On this special day Bev saw what she thought was a duplicate order, the same roses were to be sent to two women by one man. Bev was curious as to whether one was headed to a mistress and decided that she would deliver both orders herself. She hurriedly put the flowers in her delivery van and set out. The first stop was answered by a stout woman with tears brimming in her eyes who simply smiled, thanked her, and shut the door. The next experience was very different. A beautiful woman answered and was unsurprised by the roses saying, “My brother sends my mother and I flowers every year on the anniversary of our father’s passing.” Bev vowed to never make assumptions again.

My Sister’s Big Day

My little sister was the last person in the family to get married. She has been hurt by a lot of guys, so I was happy that she finally found someone who will love her, respect her and treat her the way that she wants and needs to be treated. I was the matron of honor at the wedding, so I felt like it was my duty to make sure everything went perfectly.

However, I had no idea how stressful planning someone’s big day would be. I had to make so many phone calls to make sure everyone would be at the right place at the right time. I also had to book a wedding saxophonist because the DJ told me at the last minute that he would not be able to make it to the wedding. Despite all of the craziness, my sister’s big day was wonderful and beautiful.

Ear Flush Trauma

What started as a game for my three year old ended in a painful ear irrigation Manchester that most likely traumatized myself and the child for the remainder of our lives. I was cleaning my ears with cotton swabs and he wanted to do the same thing. As we ran around the house, him fleeing from me and me trying to get the cotton swab away from him, he landed ear first in a door knob. Since he had the cotton swab in his ear, it got pushed in further than it should go; a little trickle of blood appeared in his ear. We raised to the emergency room. The ER doctor gently and carefully pulled out he cotton swab; then vigorously flushed the ear. My child has never since tried to put anything in his ear again.